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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Show us your tats!

OK. I will tomorrow!

I did it. I crossed 'get a tattoo' off my bucket list. The appointment was for 12:30 today. By 1:30, I was.....elated. Excited. Thrilled. My beloved Dakota's paw print, is resting in one of her favorite places. On my right calf. Dakota would lay her head on my right leg at night, sometimes looking for pets and love, sometimes just staring at me. Now she's there again.

I feel better. I haven't really thought about the impact that losing her had on my life, my spirit, my attitude. Now I feel like I have her back - oh, not that she ever left my heart or my mind - but now there's the physical part of her back. Resting comfortably on my leg while I go through my day to day.

And my mother will probably fall off her chair when she sees it! An added bonus. I'm sure her first question will be 'How much did it cost?'

It didn't really hurt. It stung a bit - particularly the outline! - and it burned a little, but certainly nothing like some of the other things I've done or had done over the years.

And it leads to the next question....

What will my next one be?

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  1. I know that is exactly how MK is/was with hers!

    I'll admit I've THOUGHT about it...

    Of course, I can't wait to Dakota's mark!