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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Men at work ... ?

Wait, OK, I lied. There's no men at work, because they don't work! At least at my personal version of corporateamerica they don't.
But that's a whole post, a whole weeks worth of posts.
And that's time I don't intend to waste.

I did it again. I went back to the local community college and reenrolled. Again. I think I've enrolled a half a dozen times now. Just six more classes, six tiny little classes to get my Associates Degree. Oh, I know, I hear you snickering. But I've been trying to get this degree complete for THIRTY YEARS. I have credits older than my children! I've promised myself that I'll get it done this time. I'd like to get it before my 50th in 2011...... maybe. Perhaps it needs to go on the Bucket List? That seems to be capturing most of my attention these days.

I am doing another first in February - a seven day cruise to the Bahamas. I did it mostly to say that I went on a cruise. I must admit, I'm not 100% sure this is a Bucket List item... last couple of times I've done a dinner cruise or sightseeing cruise, I all but did the horka horka.

Not a very flattering thing, the horka horka.

At any rate, is it time to formalize the Bucket List? Post it for the world to see and to hold me accountable to? It may be.

Joni's Bucket List
To be continued.........

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  1. Interesting post!

    I tend to go the other direction: I'm 'anti' paper to prove our intelligence -

    Why do we need to spend $$$$$$$$$ to show we know what we know?

    I've worked around intelligent people - with LOTS of paper - but they possessed not a smidgen of common sense!