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Friday, July 8, 2011

Low carb and tolerating it!

Several years ago, I think the Food Network featured a show called Low Carb and Lovin' It!  I also think the guy who hosted it was recently charged with some sort of a serious crime. It's because he wasn't eating enough carbs.   Your honor, the defense rests.
Last fall, when my PA called to let my know my blood sugar levels were resting just below a diabetes diagnosis, she suggested I go on a low carb diet.  So I did.  I have spent I don't know how many meals chowing down like Wilma Flintstone.... steak, burgers, chicken, turkey.  Probably not enough fish and seafood.  Veggies.  Limited fruit.  High fiber stuff.   Special K High Protein... well, not the best cereal I've had, but not the worst.   Carb Balance tortillas.   Fiberful english muffins.  Peanut butter.  
So the blood sugar level has improved.
My waste line has improved.  The scale moves further to the left every day.
But I miss cookies.... any cookies.  Crappy Dollar Store cookies.  Fig Newtons.  Cameos.  Homemade sugar cookies.   Gingersnaps.  I'm mourning your loss.
And I miss scones.  Hot tea and scones, the civilized way to start the evening repast.  Screw booze, give me a tender scone!
So now I'm experimenting.  Looking for low carb cookie and scone recipes, and giving them a try.    Not necessarily sugar free, although that would be probably the best way to go.    I want to come home, heat the water, warm the scone, load it with clotted cream or lime curd and sit on my deck and enjoy a few quiet moments.
Damn blood sugar.

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