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Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm just not a computer geek......

......... but I thought I'd jazz up the blog some. So it was off to, who did NOT have any snowy, wintery backgrounds! Disappointing, very disappointing.
So I picked this one. Hopefully they'll have some soon, since I have no friggin' idea how to do a background.
And yes, I'm bad. Well behaved women rarely make history. You know it! I've gotten a lot farther in this life being me.......... and not one of those well behaved women.

I spent a great deal of time contemplating and researching yesterdays post. Two things.

Thing #1 - no matter how much I don't want to admit it, the answer is exercise. My new best friend, my stationary bike!

Thing #2 - could it be the coffee? I read somewhere - lost the link - that coffee consumption can create sometypeof acid crystals that reside in your joints. OK. So it's no more coffee, and back to tea for me. There was a direct connection between the rise in my consumption of coffee and the pain, so.......... we cut it out to make sure.

Oh. And yeah, the Maple Leafs lost. But it was a good, well fought loss. Here's to hoping for a win tomorrow!!

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