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Friday, September 25, 2009


Earlier this week, I was accused of being obsessed with my dog by Daughter #1. She didn't pussyfoot around, she outright looked at me and said:
"Mom, you are obsessed with your dog."
I don't think I responded to her then, but I can now. I will freely admit that I love my dog. My Siberian Husky is the dog of my life, the canine soul mate that everyone should get to experience at least once. But I'm not obsessed with my dog............ I'm obsessed with the lifestyle that my Siberian represents to me.
I am finding, as I age, that all I really want is to be alone. I want to load up my pared down possessions on a dog sled, and mush off in to the great white beyond. I want to find that cabin, you know, the one in the middle of nowhere, where all you can hear is silence and all you can smell is pine and woodsmoke. I want to spend some time with my mind not crowded by thought and my ears not assaulted by the endless drone of noise. I'd love to wake up each morning and sit on the porch in the glory of a cold, frosty morning, nursing my coffee and enjoying the solitude. Is there anything wrong with laying in bed at night and looking at the stars? Enjoying the company of a dog (or two, forgive me Dakota!) is far more palatable to me than sitting in a bar again because you know who is too lazy to go anywhere else or plopped in front of the tv for yet another episode of 'Wheel of Fortune'.
Alone. Winter. Pine. Siberian. Silence.
My new personal buzz words!

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