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Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's fall freak out time!
Not that I'm worried about the coming winter, nosiree. Something so horrifying, so breathtaking that I almost dare not mention it here.
Colorfest is in two weeks.
What this means for me is that I get to run around like a cleaning fool, making sure every little corner of my house is spotless...... because Mom is coming. I know, strikes terror in your heart, doesn't it?
What's got me this year is all the 'stuff' I have to shuffle around. When Roomie's dad passed away, she took it as an invitation to just bring piles of crap here. Now, granted, it's her crap, but still, it's my house, and I'm quite frankly tired of 'making room'. I'm not a hoarder, by any stretch of the imagination. I want free space, blank space, white space (see how I snuck that snow reference in?!). I'm tired of pushing something over six inches to make room for a box or a bag or a piece of furniture. How many friggin' beds do we need, and how many more times are we gonna move 'em?
Behind me is an oak table, from Roomie's vacation cottage. There's a smaller one up there now. And a bench that went with said table. An empty - EMPTY - plastic bin. A chair that needs a cushion. A full sized mattress and box spring. Roomie's emergency bag from her car. Towels for the cottage. Ugh. All infringing upon my space.
I hate this.
I hate that I have to freak out, put away, hide and spit shine just so my mother can come and complain about it anyway. The bed is not comfortable, the house smells like cat, how do I stand the dog fur.
I'm telling you, that sled sounds better and better.

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